Meet The GYPSY and Mad Hatter

ARTIST ALLEY STUDIO & GALLERY features the art and artisan creations of International Award Winning Artist J.A. George AKA; The GYPSY and Nationally Known Award Winning Portrait Artist Raychel “Mad Hatter” Smith.


"I love Raychel's art work. I can stare at it for hours just moving my view point back and forth. They are beautiful and done with love. I will get more!"

Martin Kodi Peterson

"I bought the 9.5 oz jar on my last tattoo visit from Gypsy (best tattoo artist in Kansas!). I’m not a candle guy. At all. But this candle makes my whole house smell phenomenal lit or not! The artwork on it and the genuine rough and beautiful smell you get from this candle just makes my day and betters my mood. It burns well and the flame behind the artwork makes the skull come alive. I give this candle 10/10 and can’t wait to purchase more."

Jason Haman

"I have many friends and family who have tattoos but the best quality I have seen have been Gypsy's. His works have inspired me to get a tattoo of my own!

I highly recommend The Gypsy, he is the only tattoo artist I'll entrust with a sentimental tattoo I'm planning. The Gypsy is already working on design for me to approve."

A.D. Bergquist

"Due to chronic headaches that often lead to migraines I inquired about the Daith piercing. Gypsy took the time to explain with illustration exactly how it works. I had this done last Friday (since he discounts the Daith on that day).
It was a VERY sterile process with no real pain. In about an hour I noticed a release of pressure on the side I had pierced that is always underlying. No headaches to this point. Super happy and glad I had Gypsy do this procedure. Thanks so much!"

Kelly Gerhardt

"I just had my eyebrows and eyeliner done with Gypsy. I highly recommend him, he did a fantastic job and I am already getting lots of compliments people say it looks natural and I am very pleased with the results. highly recommend going to him and he has an awesome personality as well. thank you for all your great service and going out of your way to help me."

Annie Elder