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We believe that no matter what type of Art You want Body, Portrait, Fine or Craft that you deserve to receive nothing less than the best we can offer. Our personal guarantee to you is that whether visiting our Studio & Gallery or our Online Store you will always be greeted and serviced in a clean, safe and friendly environment. This has been our mission since 1976 and will continue to be so into the future.

Raychel "Mad Hatter" Smith is a hyper realistic portrait artist. She specializes in memorials. Mad Hatter often does charitable art. She also believes by keeping her prices reasonable it makes art available to everyone keeping on the forefront and available for generations. She often says, “I love giving someone an image of someone lost as if it was an extra moment they could never have.” Her Artistic Portrait Creations flow onto paper from pencil, pen, charcoal and crayon. When it comes to Portrait Art the Mad Hatter is unsurpassed.
She runs the studio and website alongside her husband The GYPSY. Together they create the artisan art and craft items that are available for your purchase and enjoyment.
The GYPSY is the most experienced licensed Body Artist in Kansas. A Formally Trained Tattoo Artist The GYPSY has been Tattooing Since 1976. The GYPSY is also the only Body Piercer in Kansas to have gone to school to learn how to Pierce. He has been piercing professionally since 1990. In 2008 The GYPSY became one of only a few worldwide to have passed the Alliance of Professional Tattooist Tattoo Mastery Test. He was also appointed by Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson to the Kansas Board of Cosmetology where he served as the Representative for Kansas Body Artists from 2009 to 2010. The GYPSY’s philosophy has always been; “You can give someone the greatest Body Art in the world but when you forget that it is about them and not about you the art becomes something less than great.”
No matter what we create Portrait Art, Landscape Art, Fine Art, Candles, Soaps, Tattoos or Piercings All Of Our Creations Have One Goal In Mind; To Bring Happiness Into Your Life.
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