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Tattooing, Cosmetic Tattoo and /or Body Piercing Consultation With The GYPSY to Discuss and Begin The Design Process For Your Body Art Wants and Needs.

"Absolute best place in Topeka! We were on vacation in Topeka and we Came here to get my septum done, LAST minute Gypsy got me in, but not only did that, he pierced my septum successfully with a deviated septum (like a total boss). Also, he did a consult with me before we even did it , he will tell you straight up if it will work. He said he would not pierce my septum if it was not going to be straight. He’s a super honest man and so friendly! Also, two days later we were headed back from our vacation and my boss said it wasn’t allowed. At 10:30 a.m I called him, he met back up with me and changed the ring so I could hide it - even though they were closed and he was at home! I am super excited to return here, if you haven’t been here you should. Not to mention he has over 40 years experience and is the Only school trained piercing artist in Kansas." -Shelby Rae Eck-

PLEASE NOTE: For Health and Moral Reasons We Will Not Tattoo or Pierce Anyone Under 18 Years Of Age.

We Are Located in the Amused Gallery at 907 North Kansas Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66608

To Schedule Your Consultation Appointment Please Phone: (785) 571-9500

$20 Deposit On Consultations Deducted From Price of Tattoo or Piercing At Time Of Service.

No Refunds On Deposits.