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This Beneficial Piercing Has Been Known To Relieve The Symptoms of Migraines and Fibromyalgia. The GYPSY is the Most Experienced Body Piercer In Kansas Offering This Service.

"Due to chronic headaches that often lead to migraines I inquired about the daith piercing. Gypsy took the time to explain with illustration exactly how it works. I had this done last Friday (since he discounts the Daith on that day). It was a VERY sterile process with no real pain. In about an hour I noticed a release of pressure on the side I had pierced that is always underlying. No headaches to this point. Super happy and glad I had Gypsy do this procedure. Thanks so much!" -Kelly Gerhardt-

Price: $35 (Includes Starter Jewelry).

PLEASE NOTE: For Heath and Moral Reasons We Will Not Tattoo or Pierce Anyone Under 18 Years Of Age.

We Are Located in the Amused Gallery at 907 North Kansas Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66608

To Schedule Your Appointment Please Phone: (785) 571-9500

$20 Deposit Required On Daith Appointments. Deducted From Final Cost At Time Of Procedure.

No Refunds On Deposits.